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When considering the use of foreign employees by U.S.-based businesses, people in the United States tend to associate the practice with the loss of American jobs. Additionally, there is a commonly held belief that the overseas employee is exploited in some way forced to work for low wages and under hostile conditions. However, both objections are unfounded.

Throughout history, markets have competed on costs of production in different locations. This type of market competition has occurred at different times between competing neighborhoods, cities, states, and in today's global economy between nations. Always and without fail, producing items in a location where costs are lowest and selling where the price is highest produces benefits to both producers and sellers.

Today, U.S. companies that utilize overseas employees will decrease the costs associated with an increased volume of business creating the need for (and freeing up the funds needed to acquire) more and better paid employees at home. For the overseas employee, the chance to work for a U.S. company represents an opportunity to earn higher wages under improved working conditions. Foreign companies operating in Asia generally have a larger budget when it comes to staffing and greater growth opportunity than local businesses. The appeal of such jobs is confirmed by the high level of competition among overseas workers for these positions.


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